Best PHP Development Environments for Developers in 2019

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Best PHP Development Environments for Developers in 2019


PHPStorm streamlines application advancement by offering combination with relational databases and other PHP tools. It supports numerous mainstream PHP web frameworks and CMS solutions including WordPress, Drupal, Magento and Joomla. This venture IDE is accessible to students and educators at free of expense, so exploit the markdown on the off chance that you can.

AWS Cloud 9

AWS Cloud 9is perfect for developing PHP applications totally in the cloud. In addition to enabling you to make web applications without the requirement for a server, this apparatus supports the majority of the propelled highlights you’d anticipate from a cutting edge IDE like code indicating and fulfillment.


This tried-and-true PHP tool is very much bolstered, simple to install and free for anybody to download. It may have a greater number of highlights than you need, yet it’s particularly useful on the off chance that you use MySQL for database the board. You can even introduce CMS parts over XAMPP with the assistance of Bitnami.

Eclipse PDT

Despite the fact that initially proposed for Java coding, Eclipse can be stretched out to help PHP with the PDT plugin. Eclipse is open source and has the majority of the highlights you’d expect out of an IDE, for example, PHP profiling, syntax highlighting and unit testing; however, it requires a great deal of assets to run, which could display an issue for smaller development teams.


With ScriptCase you can make web-enabled applications in matter of minutes. ScriptCase connects with most database engines, and it can produce interactive reports with supportive diagrams and tables. You can try ScriptCase for free for 20 days, but after that expect to pay a yearly charge of $280-480 depending on which package you prefer.


PHPDesigner might be the most element rich IDE made for explicitly PHP developers. It contains pretty much all that you have to make and Debug dynamic web applications including a PHP code beautifier tool. Obviously, those highlights accompany a weighty authorizing charge. Luckily, the natural interface makes PHPDesigner particularly supportive in case you’re simply beginning with learning PHP.

Aptana Studio

Aptana Studio boasts a surprising amount of features for an open source IDE. Even better, it works on Windows, Mac and Linux. Thanks to the built-in PHP server and debugging tool, you can integrate your other PHP tools to build and test PHP apps in one environment.

Code Lobster

If you’re looking for a portable IDE solution, Code Lobster is probably available as a plugin for your favorite CMS. You can use a limited version of Code Lobster for free, but you’ll have to pay for full access to all features.


PhpED is one of many PHP tools made by NuSphere. In addition to PHP 7.1, this code editor supports HTML5, CSS3 and JavaScript. Notable features include code insights, refactoring capabilities and remote debugging. Best of all, it’s compatible with many of the other PHP tools on this list.

Sublime Text

If you just need a text editor and not a full IDE, then Sublime Text is the obvious choice for PHP developers. The go-to-anything feature lets you quickly locate files or lines of code, and simultaneous editing allows you to make changes to multiple instances of code at once. For a one-time fee of $80, Sublime Text is perfect for the independent developer on a budget.